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Greg Overton - Dragonfly - Study

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Greg Overton
Dragonfly- Study
oil on canvas
30h x 24w in
76.20h x 60.96w cm
$ 6,700 

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Greg Overton, b. 1970

Greg Overton's paintings have been praised for their ability to tell a story, evoke primal feelings and remind us of the importance of connection and balance. The core of his work is his portraits of  Native Americans that are powerful and which seem to convey the  souls of the subjects.

Overton's fascination with the American west began at a young age. He still holds onto western pieces he drew and painted starting at about age eight. As he continued his artistic path, he began concentrating on paintings of  historical images of Native Americans, eventually leading to representation in prestigious galleries.

Although Overton has painted a variety of western subjects, his portraits of  Native Americans stand out as some of his most powerful and moving works. Through his use of color, composition and texture, he brings these figures to life in a way that feels both timeless and deeply human.

What sets his portraits apart from other depictions of Native Americans is their sense of connection and soulfulness. Each subject seems to invite the viewer to share in their world and experiences, creating a sense of depth that is difficult to put into words. Some of Overton's subjects are historical figures, while others are warriors from his imagination, but each is brought to life with a level of detail and realism that is truly breathtaking. From the texture of their clothing to the expressions on their faces, each element is carefully considered and executed to create a portrait that feels alive.

Through his work, Greg Overton reminds us of the beauty and complexity of Native American culture, and encourages us to explore the depths of the human experience. His paintings are more than just images on a canvas; they are powerful reflections of the soul, and a testament to the enduring spirit of the American west.